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The first initiative group constituted itself during the Goetheanum World Conference at the Goetheanum/CH in September 2016. Independently from their individual profession, religious backgrounds etc. this group grounds on anthroposophy and strives to collaborate with all other people who carry the question of humanity in their heart.

Initiative group members: Arndt Schürmann (Dortmund / DE), Veit Kattwinkel (Lüdenscheid / DE), Jonas van der Gathen (Leipzig / DE), Ulrich Hölder (Stuttgart / DE), Karin Knausenberger (Unterlengenhardt / DE), Luc Ambagts (Breda / NL), Thomas Brunner (Berlin / DE), Clara Steinkellner (Berlin / DE), Lutz Gerding (Freiburg / DE), Bruno Martin (Bochum / DE), Götz Feeser (Stuttgart / DE), Veronika Thiersch (Gummersbach / DE), Barbara Barwicka-Geck (Lüdenscheid / DE), Falk Zientz (Bochum / DE)

It is be appreciated, if further initiative groups could be constituted in different regions or countries. These regional groups could collaborate with each other and network their initiatives, if applicable.

We would like to extend the initiative group. Who is sparked by this initiative is invited to apply for the extended initiative group under veitkattwinkel@googlemail.com and kindly state: first name, family name, address, e-mail, and optionally: What do I wish to contribute? How do I intend to organize it? Do I carry an initiative which I wish to present?

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Veit Kattwinkel: works for a European group, head of Global Product Management for a business area in Smart Home / Smart Building. He is co-founder of the humanity initiative and member of the Anthroposophical Society.

Falk Zientz: works for the GLS Bank, Bochum, a.o. Chief Editor for the bank magazine. Active in the "Project Spring Areas" oft he Anthroposophical Society.

Lutz Gerding: Waldorf teacher for English language and history. Self-responsible learning and new adult educational approaches are key topics for Lutz, not least for Waldorf teacher education. Presently Lutz supports the implementation of senior calsses at a school in Beijing / China.

Götz Feeser: works for the Mahle foundation, Managing of and collaboration with further foundations as well as organizational process coaching. Götz lives with his family in Stuttgart / DE.

Jonas von der Gathen: Carries the vision to build a therapeutical location where former delinquents and burnt out managers can find to themselves and to each other. Jonas works as free lancer as editor, exercise coach, recruiter and coaches donation money experiments. He lives with his wife and three children in Leipzig. www.schenkgeld.org and www.svdg.org

Luc Ambagts: manages the Biodynamic Agriculture Association in the Netherlands. As researcher and writer Luc focusses on the topic of human individuality. .

Arndt Schürmann: Managing Director of the Schürmann Leuchtenland GmbH. Member of the Anthroposophical Society. Arndt works on meaningful working modes in enterprises.

Karin Knausenberger: Goetheanum Ensemble, Eurythmy, Dornach/CH und Unterlengenhardt/DE

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